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Story. As a writer, that is everything to me. It doesn't matter whether I'm writing product copy, participating in ideation, or crafting a social media post, I focus in on the story. What is the brand trying to convey? Why now? Why this product/offer/idea?  It all comes down to story.

As a ghostwriter, screenwriter, and freelance copywriter, I believe that a compelling story is the essential ingredient to making a thoughtful connection. Without it, words are just words—forgettable and fleeting. But capture the attention of the reader (or the consumer), and you've formed an authentic bond that hold's a person's attention in this ever-frenetic world. No matter the project I'm working on, connection through story is always my goal.

I should also mention that I believe that respecting deadlines is paramount, digging in when things get tough is a virtue, and holding fast to a good attitude is everything. Laughter is magic. Authenticity is king (or queen). And kindness is contagious.

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